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Wirsbo Radiant Thermostat

Price: $65.00


Whirsbo (Uponor) Radiant Thermostat (WT1), Heat Only, Two-Wire: The Wirsbo Thermostats offer two different control methods to handle this condition--differential and pulse-width modulation. Differential--When the measured room temperature falls 1F (0.5C) below the desired room setting, the control devices wired to the thermostat turns on. Pulse-width Modulation--When the condition exists where the room temperature is 1 to 3F (0.5 to 1.5 C) below the room setting, the thermostat manages the on-and-off cycle using pulse width modulation. The on-and-off times vary depending on the difference between the room and set temperatures. The farther away the room temperature is from setpoint, the longer the on time. This prevents the room temperature from rising above the set temperature. The heating system runs continually at room temperature differences greater than 3 degrees F below setpoint.