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Flemington Supply Products

We stock the most complete inventory of commercial, industrial and residential plumbing, heating, well and water treatment products in NJ: residential & commercial fixtures; faucets; faucet parts; lead products; tublar brass & pvc products; brass & ss flare & compression fittings; dielectric unions & nipples; PVC 40, 80 and DWV up to 12"; corrugated pipe and fittings up tp 24"; Aquapex and Hepex tubing and fittings; poly pipe and insert fittings; 3M forged steel threaded and weld fittings; flanges and weld fittings 40 & 80; nuts, threaded rod, bolts and pipe hangars; cpvc pipe and fittings; ss threaded and weld fittings; ss pipe 10, 40 & 80; T304& T316; copper fittings: press, push-on and sweat, pressure & dwv; copper pipe & tubing up to 4", dwv, L, K, K ACR, K-OXY, line sets; yellow gas poly pipes; transition couplings; corrugated ss gas pipe & fittings; black and galv pipe, 40, 80 and seamless; black and galv stove pipe, 40, 80 and seamless; threaded brass fittings; black and galv stove pipe, duct work, registers & grills; ss tri clamp & awf pipe & fittings; boilers & controls; hydronic specialties; plastic and cast iron floor and roof drains; well tanks and pumps; water softeners and filtration; and backflow prevertors.